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Diskusní téma: Steam Giveaways (hry pro vás)

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Steam Giveaways (hry pro vás)

The Blue Flamingo
  Shoot your way through intense levels with a swiftly increasing difficulty, in a world completely built with handcrafted models. Invest your score in upgrades, or save it to gain interest with the risk of losing it all. Use your greed wisely to beat your friends and climb up the score...
To the moon
A story-driven experience about two doctors traversing backwards through a dying man's memories, in order to artificially fulfill his last wish.   Zde KEY
    Prosím klikněte na reklamu. Klíč ke stažení ZDE
Urja is fun, fast paced and challenging. This puzzling first person shooter will transport you into 12 beautiful worlds where you will try to strike the balance between stealth and tactical strategy to reach the top of our global leaderboards and take part in community competitions for real life...
Commando Jack
****Award Winning Game****    A Tower Defence game, that actually allows you to sit inside the turret and come face-to-face with the enemies!    You are Commando Jack, the baddest, meanest, toughest soldier planet Earth has to offer, and it's up to you to save the...
nMomentum je minimalistická sci-fi závodní hra, která vyzývá hráče k přemýšlení jak v horizontální, tak ve vertikální perspektivě v závodě s časem nebo mezi sebou v puzzlovitém prostředí.   InMomentum nabízí hráči možnost prozkoumat vizuálně unikátní svět minimalizací detailů objektů a...
Fancy Skulls
  Fancy Skulls is a challenging first person shooter with procedural generation, permadeath and distinct art style. Intense and tactical combat, unique weapon mods and items that change the way you play.   Fancy Skulls Steam Key: FLZDN-60EG5-0LED9      
  SickBrick is an action-packed Sci-Fi FPS with vivid graphics and fast, frantic gameplay.    The game consists of 15 levels mixing indoor and outdoor areas. You’re forced to do tests for an unknown robotic mastermind. Destroy hundreds of hostile robots with a wide variety of...
Thousands of aliens, giant spiders, mutant lizards, and more are on the attack - can you survive the onslaught? Crimsonland is a top-down shooter with a touch of RPG. Unlock over 30 weapons and over 50 perks from quirky to brutal. Complete the quest and show your skills in five survival...
Dementium II HD
The visage of doctors and patients alike fade in and out of these nightmarish visions of tortured memories. This eggshell reality is fractured by experiments conducted in the ward. Blood, flesh and screams surround as you put together the pieces of your story and make your escape from the Bright...
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